Strength: A Mother’s Day Perspective

As mothers, we’ve all experienced the joy of holding our children max14_a-1smallerclose, carrying them when their legs are too weak or too tired. We’ve kissed their foreheads and smoothed back their errant curls, feeling the peace of their warm baby breath.

Yet, we’ve also experienced the ache of our own physical exhaustion. Our children grow so fast, and it’s easy to find, one day, that we simply can’t do what we once did. For most moms, this means saying “no” to a cranky toddler who wants “up.” We have to bear the whines and cries, but ultimately, we know we have to be strong in order to set them on the path to physical independence.

The path is a little bit more complicated for Deana Watson. Her son Max’s extremely rare genetic disorder means he is unable to walk or stand on his own. For most of his life, Deana and her husband Steve have picked up, carried, and transferred Max dozens of times each day.

Max is now ten, and he weighs just a few pounds less than his mom. He is not a cranky toddler. He is a ten-year-old boy who loves music, Batman, and bike rides. He’s opinionated and wants to go out and play. He also has frequent doctor and therapy visits.

The Watsons now have to depend on the technological strength of  a variety of assistance devices in order to help Max navigate his daily life. Getting in and out of the house is particularly challenging. Their existing ramp is too steep and has become dangerous as Max has grown.

Putting in a different ramp is not feasible, so they’ve invested their hope in the Scalamobile, a device that will propel Max’s wheelchair up and down stairs. While Max’s genetic disorder will never allow him physical independence, this device is a step toward greater mobility and freedom for a child whose body doesn’t serve the the active mind and spirit held within it.

Something every mother can understand.

Purchasing a Scalamobile for Max is the concrete goal of the Give Max a Lift benefit co-hosted by Defy! Crossfit and Angus Mohr on May 31st.  Come join us for music, fun, and maybe a surprise raffle item or two.


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