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Nice Niche Part 2: Exquisite Privilege

As a teacher, I feel like I’m a contestant on  the Race To Mediocrity, a reality show where out-of-context assessment has become a reward challenge and failing to follow the go-along-to-get-along mandate might get me voted off the island. Until that … Continue reading

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Nice Niche Part 1: The Sweetest Sound

Our dominant culture defines privilege by money and stuff. That we recognize the fundamental wonkiness of this belief system, does not keep us from conforming to it. Yet, direct opposition feeds validity to our foe. Better we transcend the arbitrary barrier, … Continue reading

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“I can envision stopping because it would make life so much simpler, but the reason that every time I’ve stopped, I’ve started, is because it’s a missing piece. It’s a part of my mental health. This is better therapy than … Continue reading

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Mohr Fire Part 4: Nice Niche

Paul says, “What I like about the people who come here on a semi-regular basis is the mixture: Classical, Traditional… We’ve had some Central City Opera people. We have Rogue Sound. Paul explains that the two songs Tamra Hayden had … Continue reading

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