Current Projects

Gods of Lafayette

A romp where the Greek Gods play music and have adventures in my home town. The first book is complete, thoroughly revised, and ready to query.

I’ve just finished the first draft of the second book, and have outlined the third.


Julia is already living apart from her husband, Tully, when he kills a photographer. Tully is in jail when a cruel stranger cuts off the finger tips Julia’s former lover, a trumpet player named Lit. Lit travels to California in the company of the burlesque show performers who saved him. When Lit disappears, Julia travels across the country looking for him. She never suspected that she might be in danger. She never imagining that someone might be hunting her.

Set in 1947, in the final days of an America that did not measure itself against television characters, Pash asks questions about the nature of identity and the inner bedrock we root into when we’ve lost everything else.

Offshoot Gods

Twin sisters stand at the center of the saga. Iona’s fingers can find what you need to lose. Molly’s touch can read your desire. They’re carnies hiding from a destiny in which they only half-believe.

The initial pages will be posted soon. This series of novellas will be released to newsletter subscribers.

Ove You I L

A completed screenplay.

Jon Glure

A collection of poems, a songbook of sorts, from Jon Glure an immortal medieval musician.

Still deciding what to do with it.