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Contact Your Senators: No on Coburn

The email I just sent to Senator Bennett: Dear Senator, As former head of Denver Public Schools, it is my hope that you do not need me to urge you to vote no on the Coburn Amendment which would gut … Continue reading

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Re Form: Why Libraries are the Future of School.

Recently, a  friend said, “Don’t you have to be crazy to be a high school teacher?” The answer I wanted to give was  more reflective than the context allowed,  but here’s what I would have said: Yes. You have to be … Continue reading

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Fire Starting

I have not been to the National Writing Project’s Annual Meeting.  I usually save my travel time and dollars for the NWP’s Urban Sites conference (Boston this year!). However, longing keeps accosting me. Mostly because I follow people on Twitter … Continue reading

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Where We Are

The subdivision where I live is the perfect American metaphor:  It’s unfinished. Leaving my front door, the stone faced ranch houses  and mostly immaculate yards would make for nice brochure pictures–despite the naked trees–as long as no one framed the … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Venues…

Yeah, yeah, the blog series is finished. Good thing too because I was totally not on duty Halloween weekend. I dumped the observer’s eye. I took a few pictures Friday at the Little Bear (most of which aren’t very good). Saturday at … Continue reading

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