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Writer People #1: The Prosaic/Poetic Info Dump Technique

Today, I’m working on the Boston Story that I drafted as part of NaNoWriMo. It’s an urban-fantasy-time-travel epic that demands far more world building than anything I’ve ever done. It’s a pain in the ass. It starts off as an … Continue reading

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Hit 50,000 words on Partying with the Elder Gods, my Boston novel, on November 29th. Now I just have to complete the current draft of V so I can finish it.

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Love That Durty Water

No, Boston’s not my home, but it wasn’t Ed Cobb’s either, and he wrote the song. Two years ago I spent a fairly epic six hours in the city. From the wharf jumping Merrow men, to the Denver hatin’ Cincinnati prison … Continue reading

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Looking For It: Part One

I love travel and not just because hotel living is easy.  A new city, a broken routine, pushes me  outside of my head, so I can see.  It’s too easy, especially during the school year, to become a passenger surfing … Continue reading

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The Town

On the surface, The Town could be summarized as: “Good Will Hunting with guns.”  A rough neighborhood genius struggles with identity, destiny, and desire for a girl out of his league.  Only instead of solving math problems on hallway chalkboards, … Continue reading

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