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California Road Trip Post Two

We took the 101 too far and had to drop down 23 and backtrack to see Malibu. Starved for breakfast, we despaired finding anything because, apparently, in the land of the Barbies no one eats. Then we stumbled on Lilly’s … Continue reading

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California Road Trip Post One

Wednesday Leaving Denver: Beware of hand sanitizer— and “some lotions.” The glycerine in them can transfer to your camera bag. If you’re random screened it’ll show up as bomb making components and lead to a public “pat down” which is … Continue reading

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Looking For It: Part One

I love travel and not just because hotel living is easy.  A new city, a broken routine, pushes me  outside of my head, so I can see.  It’s too easy, especially during the school year, to become a passenger surfing … Continue reading

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