Angus Mohr

Buy at a show (if we ever get to have them again) or from Amazon.

You can also purchase a fully digital package for $20.00 that includes:


*audiobook mp3s

*companion Angus Mohr CD recorded specifically for the book.

*file of full color gig pictures

Contact me here at the blog and we’ll work out purchase.


One More Angus Mohr Chapter 1 Preview

Archive of the Original Blog Posts

I’d like to thank the guys from Angus Mohr for their time and openness, in addition to the music that made this one  hellaciously fun summer.

The posts are in chronological order below.  The Mohr Fire posts are near the middle; the interviews with Byrd, Steve, Matt, and Paul are toward the end.

Introduction: The Serendipitous Ankle Sprain

Clams With Good Sauce



Road Trip



5:30- 7:30 The Show

Summer Sea

Mohr Fire

Mohr Fire Part 2: Technology for a Good Human Purpose

Mohr Fire Part 3: Then and Now

Mohr Fire Part 4: Nice Niche

Something New



6:54 am Thursday

The Rest of Thursday




Angus Vitae Finale Part 1: Lonigan’s Friday Night

Angus Vitae Finale Part Two: Saturday


4 Responses to Angus Mohr

  1. hi shulla,

    this is brian, i sold you a careerers album last night, what’s your email so we can keep in touch when we head to denver?

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