A Lot More Angus Mohr

First off, there are no bad places to see this band play. Every venue has its own charms. When they play theaters, you get plush seats and a cultural emphasis.  Festivals, you see whole families of fans, sun-kissed and happy, clapping and singing along though the hour long sets.

But an hour is never enough, and that’s why I love bar shows.

Angus Mohr played only three times this summer, and I’m sure I’m not the only one jonesing, but oh what a fix are we about to get.

The next show  is Saturday, August 27th, at the Little Bear. It’s ironic that one of the venues I enjoy the most, I’ve written about the least. Or maybe it’s not–it’s just too easy to have a good time and forget about work at that place.

The space around the stage and dance floor is narrow and intimate, but there’s still room to move. Sure, sometimes they run out of Jameson, and you’d better get there early if you want a seat, but the vibe, that ephemeral thing that swirls like a ribbon through the crowd, is always right for a night of what one of the guys in the band likes to call “balls out rock.”

And rock they do.

Celtic, classic, or original, once a song’s been Angusized, my ears don’t want to hear it any other way.  It’s not just the distinctive Angus Mohr sound, it’s the ghosts of good times past, all the layers of memory and emotion embedded between the notes. They wake and rise, sweetening the present and turning into psychopomps leading us to the next show,  which will be even better because we had so much fun at this one.

That next show will be September 9th and 10th at Lonigan’s in Estes Park.

Take everything I said about the Little Bear and multiply it by two back-to-back nights. Estes Park hosts the Long’s Peak Scottish/Irish Festival that weekend, and the place is packed. Lonigan’s is bigger, but perhaps because of the venue’s longtime association with the band, it sacrifices none of the intimate feel.

So, I’ll be at both Lonigan’s and the Little Bear, getting my fix, secure in the knowledge that this is only the beginning. Angus Mohr is playing a bunch of shows this fall, including the Edgewater Celtic Harvest Fest and the Nomad Theater, as well as back to back Samhain shows at the Little Bear and the D Note.

Hope to see you there!

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