Don’t Let the Bad Guys Win– What you can do:

Dear Parents of Adams 12 Students and Friends of Adams 12 Teachers,

Our district has chosen not to abide by the contract that the teachers agreed to in good faith. Imagine if your mortgage company suddenly decided it needed some extra cash, so instead of accepting your contracted payments, it demanded payment of your entire balance.

In these difficult economic times, we teachers have tried to protect you and your children. We’ve taken salary cuts. We’ve begun doing for free what we used to do for pay. We’ve purchased more and more of our day-to-day supplies out of our own pockets.

We don’t want to let your children down. We know that quality education opens up the world for them, and we don’t want to see that world closed in by the short-sighted and politically motivated.

However, we cannot be successful in this fight for your children’s lives without your help.

Please remember the great teachers you had as a child and be generous in your memory to the ones you didn’t like much. Don’t buy into the some teachers care and some don’t mythology.

Teaching is hard. We care. We care enough to struggle through top-down demands, reduced services, and enormous class sizes. Even after tonight’s broken illusions and tattered trust, tomorrow we will be there, teaching, and trying to shield your child from all this for as long as we possibly can.

Please support us in standing up for your child. Lift your voice with ours. Don’t let us be demonized.

If we have to take organized action, please take the long view and know that  we have been sacrificing for years to try to keep this from happening.

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2 Responses to Don’t Let the Bad Guys Win– What you can do:

  1. Dawn Duffy says:

    I am VERY VERY disappointed and angry with the Adams 12 school district. I just found out that the district isnt going to honor the teachers contract? Really?! Wow you know by doing this you’ve just shown me that its all about “you”, “greed for *you*” and its not about the kids or the teachers.. I’ll bet your kids go to schools in other districts that are wealthier, so why should this district matter to you right? Well it should it pays your bills. Our teachers and our kids DESERVE the SAME education YOU and your children got… I dont see why this cant be a win win win situation.. For petes sake there should be a way to compromise so that it benefits everyone, especially the kids and the teachers.. Seriously are you all that greedy, shallow and cold hearted? Your supposed to set an example. If it wasnt for your teachers guiding you and setting a foundation for you, you wouldnt have the job you have or be where you are today.. You need to THANK a teacher.. My child and everyone elses child DESERVE the same.. What if the shoe were on the other foot? I would help you, why cant you help us? You cant renig on the contract its just WRONG, and why is it that your not honoring the teachers contract? They keep you too in a freaking job.. Im so pissed at you guys at how selfish you are.. What are you thinking, if we dont all support each other everyone will soon be out of a job, is that really what you want.. If we work together (but that means YOU have to sacrifice some stuff too) but we can build a great and strong district but like I said YOU have to be willing to take some cuts too.. I am proud that my daughter has the BEST teachers in the district (and no she doesnt go to Hulstrom) she goes to a school where the teachers really do care and give of themselves.. We had the BEST drama performance ever last year all because teachers gave of themselves. Our teachers communicate and work with each other, they’re a one of a kind family/team and they teach our children so so much.. I LOVE our school.. Wish I could say that about our district and administration, maybe some day I can…. You cant not honor the contract, please tell me and show me that you have a heart and that you play fair….Im serious I will take my child out of the district.. every year you guys pull some kind of crap and its not right..I know the economy is tough, but I’ve been able to keep a job and donate time and give.. You can give too….

  2. Jessica DeRuiter says:

    I graduated last year from Thornton high. I just have to say I agree with Dawn. I was not happy with a lot of the teachers, but I definitely noticed the pricing for classes increasing year by year. I also noticed that you guys dropped a few classes because “It costed too much” and replaced it with a fence that wouldn’t stop a kid in a wheelchair, and an expensive coffee machine for the teachers lounge; then, I hear this year, that this year, you guys brought back advisory and just named it differently, AND added a relationship class that will probably help no one. I for one notice the stupid ideas each year, not just with Thornton, but from what I heard from other kids at Bollman. I plan to avoid Adams 12 schools in the future in fear of having to pay more than I did my senior year, when I have kids of my own.

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