A look back at the first time the band played “Johnny.”

Shullamuth Ballinger

Make no mistake, the Colorado Scottish Festival crowd loves Angus Mohr.

The band handled a technical glitch at Saturday’s  12:45 show with banter and charm while the intimate and enthusiastic crowd cheered them on.   Eighty degrees and a light breeze kept the atmosphere light and lovely under the Glasgow tent.

Angus Mohr’s first set delivered with favorites  like “Debt to the Devil,” and “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,”  Yet, it also tantalized with the absence of songs like  “Whisky in the Jar,” “Devil’s Dance Floor,” and   “Drunken Sailor,”  that we knew were coming with the second show.

Talking to Byrd afterward, he alluded to a surprise. “Tonight, we’re playing something new. Something you haven’t heard. Something no one’s heard us play.”

Standing in a line, just before the 6:30 show, a woman, noticing my t-shirt, asked, “Have you seen them?”


“This will be my first time,” she said, “My…

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