NaNoWriMo Rules

NaNoWriMo is a damn good excuse to get my priorities in order. Therefore I’ve created the following list of rules to keep myself focused on writing.

Rule 1: My daily goal is 2000 words, period. For me first drafts are all fun no fuss, just write over the plot holes for now, making this goal a stretch, but a reasonable one even during the school year. When I’m in real writing shape 1000 words an hour is my “pace.”

Rule 2: Facebook is the devil, and the wily temptress, and the giant forest-of-goofing-off-and-wasting-time all wrapped up into one link ridden package. No fb until I’ve hit my daily word count. Same thing goes for the blogs I follow, oh and books too. If I’ve got time to read, I’ve got time to write.

Wait, I guess that goes for everything that isn’t something I have to do for school or for my kids. I have plans already for the first three weekends in November, guess that means I’d better be prepared to work first.

Wow. That’s only two rules, but I think that’s enough. I love writing. I can’t wait to start on this project. I’ve outlined the first 100 pages (a new thing for me), and I’m really happy to commit to being driven and self indulgent for the next 30 days.

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