California Road Trip Post Two

We took the 101 too far and had to drop down 23 and backtrack to see Malibu. Starved for breakfast, we despaired finding anything because, apparently, in the land of the Barbies no one eats. Then we stumbled on Lilly’s Café. Resigned to pastries and coffee, we were delighted to find breakfast burritos, quesadillas, and horchata.

 In Lompoc  California, there’s a rule that if a business does not have handicapped accessible bathrooms, then no one may use them. A fact we learned at a very inopportune moment. Lucky for us, the gas station attendants were very helpful in directing us to legal places to pee.

Our alphabetically playing radio station gave out as we left LA, and our search for one without either static or suck renewed our motivation to find an iPod CD adapter. We did not find one. However, in San Luis Obispo our search led us to Smart and Final, a mini Costco that happened to have three cases of the Eclipse Cardamom Breeze gum Shelle and I are both addicted to. They now need to reorder.

After that, aside from hitting stop and go traffic outside of Santa Barbara, it was all just drive through six different climates and sixty different expressions of beauty.  A road trip really is about the road, and yesterday I got everything I love: long flat stretches where every time I check the speedometer I’m going faster than I should. The mountain climb and winding curves between Cambria and Big Sur.  The roller coaster hills tucked here and there that made us go whee.

Our day ended with Greek food in Santa Cruz, and today, another foggy cloudy one on the coast, our quest is for  bridges, wine, and redwoods.

Oh, and we’ll still be looking for that CD adapter.

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1 Response to California Road Trip Post Two

  1. Margaret says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    I love your writing and your photoraphy

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